Our D-Star

We started on the D-Star project in the middle of 2016. It was a fun project and consumed a lot of time and we fought a lot of bugs. in the spring of 2017, we finally called it complete. It is operational and we are slowly getting more and more club members familiar with the system and on the air using the local D-Star repeater and making contacts. If you are driving through the area, tune in and make some contacts.






We will be adding some step by step instructional to help you set up your radio in the near future. We had some issues with the old page and we lost those documents and need to convert them to the new format. Come back often and be on the lookout for some very informative reads. 

KG5OXR D-Star Dashboard

D-Star Registration

D-Star Info

If you need help with D-Star information, here is a good resource to use. has many tools including Nets, repeater locator, reflector identification, D-Rats, information on programming your D-Star radio, and more. It is full of all kinds of information.