We now have a DMR repeater up running Pi-Star on the Brandmeister network. We have a few static Talk Groups and will be adding more as time goes on. Feel free to change talk groups at any time. 

Repeater Info

Repeater Info


TX: 442.000

RX: 447.000

CC: 1

Active Static Talk Groups

TS2: 310 - TAC 310

TS2: 3100 - USA Nationwide

TS1: 8 - XLX989 (This is cross linked with D-Star XRF989D so you can talk from DMR to D-Star)

XLX989 Dashboard

Repeater Dashboard

DMR Registration

If you do not have a DMR ID click the link below. Registration takes 24-72 hours. This is required to be able to get onto the DMR network and the number must be entered into your radio for ID purposes.

DMR ID Regestration

Setup your own Pi-Star Hotspot