We now have a DMR repeater up running Pi-Star on the Brandmeister network. We have a few static Talk Groups and will be adding more as time goes on. Feel free to change talk groups at any time. 

Repeater Info


TX: 442.000

RX: 447.000

CC: 1

Active Static Talk Groups

TS2: 310 - TAC 310

TS2: 3100 - USA Nationwide

TS1: 8 - XLX989 (This is cross linked with D-Star XRF989D so you can talk from DMR to D-Star)

XLX989 Dashboard

Repeater Dashboard

DMR Registration

If you do not have a DMR ID click the link below. Registration takes 24-72 hours. This is required to be able to get onto the DMR network and the number must be entered into your radio for ID purposes.

Setup your own Pi-Star Hotspot